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Norm Violation Paper


In this assignment, you will consider the role of norms in cultures. You will choose one of the given scenarios below to enact and observe the interactions/reactions of those around you. You must not tell people what you are doing or deviate from the scenario. Do not conduct experiments with anyone less than 16 years of age.

Note: You will not be able to submit your paper until after you have reviewed the plagiarism tutorial located in the Content area of the course and taken the plagiarism quiz in the Quizzes area.


You will have two parts for this assignment: to break a rule through one of the scenarios and to report on the experience.

First: Enact A Scenario

Select one of the scenarios below:

  1. Enter an elevator with other people in it. Step into the elevator just enough to clear the door. Continue facing the rear of the elevator until you reach the desired floor. Then just turn around and exit the elevator.
  2. Watch someone watching television for ten minutes. Do not look at the tv; watch the person the entire time. After ten minutes turn the tv off without warning the other person.
  3. Pick up the telephone when it rings. Do not say anything until after the other person speaks. After they speak, do not say hello or any version of hello, but do continue or begin the conversation. After the conversation is over, do not say goodbye or the equivalent. (Do not try this experiment at work. Also, do not use Caller ID to pick your victim).
  4. While having a conversation with a friend or acquaintance, for about ten minutes slowly and continually move closer to him or her. If the conversation continues past ten minutes, spend the next ten minutes of the conversation slowly moving away from the person.

If you absolutely cannot do any of these four scenarios, write your two-page paper reflecting on the reasons why you could not break these social rules. Make sure to make discuss your reaction to the assignment, and what you have learned about social rules from not being able to do any of the experiments.

Second: Report On Your Experience

In your paper make sure to answer the following questions clearly and in detail.

  • Which experiment did you do? With whom did you interact? Were you able to complete the experiment or did you stop breaking the social rule before the interaction was over? (15 points)
  • How did you feel about doing it? Was it easy or hard to do? (15 points)
  • What happened? How did the other person or people around you react? What did the other person(s) do or say? What was your response to their reaction? (30 points)
  • What is your overall reaction to this experiment? What did you learn about social rules? (15 points)

Make sure to review your paper and ensure you answered each question specifically.


Your paper must be two typed double-spaced pages, with 1″ margins on all sides. You must proof your work for spelling and grammar.


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