Occupational Safety and Health

Choose one OSH issue presented in the Week 13 presentation to write about in your initial post. For instance, you may choose precarious/informal work, stress, uncertain work schedules, workplace bullying and violence, sexual harassment, youth unemployment, etc.

Do a library or internet search for at least one scholarly article or credible news article related to your chosen topic. Give your readers a short synopsis of the article, including the author’s conclusions. Your article/s must be properly cited.

You can take your initial post in any direction you want. Here are some suggestions you may want to include:

  • Why do you think this is an important issue or why does it interest you?
  • Is the problem relevant to your career or future career? How?
  • What do you think would make this problem less of a health and safety risk for workers?

Don’t forget to post at least 3 substantive replies spaced out over a couple of days.


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