older people should not drive car with their slow reaction, Argumentative Essays 600words

Topic:should senior drivers over 75 have their driving privileges curtailed(limited) or taken away.

I choose it should be limited.

Need to write four or five paraphrase 

1.Introduction paragraphs include hook sentence, background information,and the thesis statement)

2.Two or three body paragraphs (1.each body paragraph must start  with general topic sentence. 2 each body paragraph must have the example to support your ideal.)  also, use two paraphrases for each body paragraphs(need write author’s name and the name of articles from reliable articles or websites ) to support your ideal.

Here is my ideal for tow body paragraphs 

1.older people should not drive car with their slow reaction.

2.the risk of disease increased among the elderly people and it can affect judgement and driving

For the conclusion paragraphs, summarize the context  and personal thinking or   at the end of paragraphs.

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