Peer Review Major 3

Please complete a Peer Review on your partners work using the attached document.

Instructions: Evaluate your peer’s Perspectives Draft by answering the questions below.Spend about 15 minutes filling out this form carefully.Then spend, write a letter commenting on their work.

Name of Reader:

Name of Writer:

What is their topic?

What is their primary fairytale? What other fairytales are they focusing on?

Introduction: An introduction should accomplish several things. It should introduce the texts, the authors, and give a brief summary of the topic. In the summary, there should be a clear thesis statement that gives an idea of what the paper is going to talk about.

How does their introduction do this work? Are we missing any necessary information?

What do you believe the author’s thesis statement is?

Body: The body of the essay should be the evidence of the author’s thesis. It should provide summaries for the articles/stories that the writer is discussing, it should be organized, and it should be grouped in a way that makes sense to the reader.

How many body paragraphs does the author have?

Does the information seemed to be displayed/presented in a way that is clear and logical?

How does the essay flow? Does it feel choppy in places? Can you see the connection from one paragraph to the next?

Conclusion: The conclusion should make a final statement about the essay. In the paragraphs before this, the author should have been presenting their argument and we should have a clear understanding about what the author is saying. The conclusion should, however, restate the thesis and tie all of the information together so that there is one cohesive thought.

What can you say is the author’s final conclusion?

Do they restate their thesis in a different way?

Is this the first time in the essay that you feel an argument is being made, or has the author been clearly presenting their idea throughout the paper?

Rubric: Using the rubric for the assignment, please write Yes, No, or Partially (Y,N,P) next to each point in the rubric. Be honest. If there is only one quote in the essay, that is not ok and needs to be noted.

Formatted according to MLA essay style (title, heading, p. #s, etc.)


Includes paraphrasing, quotations, and in-text citations from the texts in the analysis (should be at least one quote/paraphrase/citation in each paragraph except the introduction and conclusion).


Includes a Works Cited page AND an annotated bibliography formatted in MLA style


Introduces the texts, authors, topic and perspectives in an objective manner to a reader unfamiliar with the texts.


Includes a detailed, objective summary of each article and text provided. Resists jumping to conclusion. (Note that you don’t need a separate paragraph for each paper, but should incorporate them into one cohesive summary)


Describes the pitch, complaint, and the moment of the text. Explains what is at stake in the text.


Has smooth, helpful transitions between paragraphs and ideas. Transitions smoothly from summary to analysis and analysis to interpretation.


Uses The Method (5 moves) or another form of analysis to uncover interesting, significant, and/or strange details and examines one or a few of these details to uncover binaries and patterns making the implicit claims of the text explicit (you use it in subtle ways. Don’t announce that you are using the method)


Uncovers assumptions made by the text and pushes these to implications and conclusions by answering the question, “so what?”


Grounds each perspective in a real person; avoids generalizations


Presents new insights to a topic that is already happening in literary scholarship


Moves beyond the surface level interpretation and analysis


Presents a strong, identifiable thesis and argument about the texts and topic


Has few grammar and syntax errors. The sentence level writing is clear.


Incorporates at least 6 sources, both primary and secondary.


Overall Score:

Letter to the writer: In writing workshops, the entire class will write a letter about the persons work to the author, along with providing marginal notes. Please write a letter to your partner, about a page long single spaced. A good way to frame it is:

Hello, thank you for sharing your essay “Title” with us today.

A paragraph about what you believe their paper is about. Summary.

A few paragraphs that highlight what you think the author is doing well.

A few paragraphs about what you think they could revise/what steps they should take moving forward.

A final thought about the paper.

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