Perceived Leader Integrity, social science assignment help

As a leader, your ethics could be a central part of your leadership decisions, and as a result, could be a big part of how others judge your leadership skills. It might be helpful to assess where your ethics lie in regard to integrity in real-world settings. Having this measurable opportunity could help in determining where ethics lies in your leadership philosophy.

To prepare for this Assignment, go to the “Perceived Leader Integrity Scale (PLIS)” in the course text, Leadership: Theory and Practice. The text explains that you should take the test concerning your perceptions of someone you know. Instead, take the test concerning your own beliefs about your own ethics. Please be as honest and objective as you can. Include the results in the Final Research Paper. (Note: Throughout this course, you have written short papers on the results of your questionnaires and surveys. This week, you do not need to write a short paper specifically on the PLIS results. Instead, include your analysis of your responses to the PLIS questionnaire in your Final Research Paper.)


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