personal statement/article: Taylor Swift cultural effect

2 and half pages singal space. PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. No need for any citation or references.this a personal statement which means basically what’s your opinion?

I’m an international (non-us) student and Taylor Swift helped me understand American culture, please help me start writing my article by answering the following question.

Think of a popular singer, musician, band, group, dancer or performing artist that means a lot to you personally. In the manner of pioneer sociologist W.E.B. Du Bois, try to locate this artist in the cultural setting of their time and place. for example, a lot of “Doo-Wop Rock” came from South Philadelphia the fifties, but Jimi Hendrix made Heavy Metal Rock a world-wide phenomenon in late sixties London. Does the cultural setting help you understand the music, or vise versa? What do either or both mean to you personally?

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