Phil of Scientific Knowledge

Paper #1- Good research debate: Due at the end of Week 5 (20% course grade)

Provide a coherent, philosophical debate and critique of the principles of ‘good’ research, as discussed by Hostetler in Learning Module One:

Hostetler, K. (2005). What is ‘good’ education research? Educational Researcher, 34(6), 16-21.

Compare Hostetler’s claims and beliefs about ‘ good’ research with the beliefs of two of the theorists covered to date (choose from Bridgman, Hull, Popper, Kuhn, Guba, Firestone & Martin) and the AERA standards for reporting educational research. Develop your own conclusions and rationale for what you believe constitutes ‘good’ research. Describe the criteria you will use to determine this. Use course materials to support your argument and critical analysis of other philosophers’ works. This paper should be written in APA format and should be approximately 6 pages, not including the reference and title page.

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