Please answer the following 3 Questions

As the Case Study Haircuts (I will upload the file later)  states, the owner has asked you to help her analyze her business and apply a technology- related solution to improve the operation of UMUC Haircuts.  Before she expands her business, she wants to be better informed concerning the needs and opinions of her customers. Use what you have learned to answer the following questions as they relate to UMUC Haircuts:

  1. List 3 or 4 items of information about the customers that Myra, as manager of the business, would like to know.  Label each item as to whether it is strategic or operational/tactical in nature.
  2. How should Myra attempt to obtain this information?  customer interview, customer mail survey, internet research, or use of paid consultants, or somtheing else?
  3. Assume that Myra does decide on an interview or survey.  Formulate two questions that Myra should ask.

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