Please help with correcting grammar mistakes in a thank you letter

Please help me to correct grammar mistakes for the following Thank you letter

Thank you for your care and encouragement during the three years at CHCA. You had made me a more confident person than I was. As I’m receiving education at university, I come to realize how important it was for me to go to social events during highschool, not just practicing my English but also learning to be more socialized.

I’m sure you still remember the time when I just got to CHCA. I was the little girl who wouldn’t talk to anybody because I was embarrassed by my own ability of speaking English. You had noticed that about me. You always invited to the International Student’s Lunge to have lunch with you and other classmates. That really helped me to be more open with other people. When working with members for class projects at university, I have the courage to speak out my feelings and thoughts instead of just sitting there in silence.

Thank you again for your patience with all the Chinese students you worked with. I hope you had heard good news from the University on your application. I’m really excited that you are going to work with college students and I’m sure they will be less troublesome than we were back at CHCA.

Following is instruction for what need to be corrected. if you find more mistakes than these, please help me to correct, thank you.

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