Political Science Discussion post Comment on classmate’s post (Cynthia)

Chapter 5 Civil Rights Essay

After the Civil War, African Americans seemed fulfilled for achieving full citizenship right when the three constitutional amendments were adopted. They were the Thirteenth Amendment: abolished slavery, the Fourteenth Amendment: guaranteed equal protection under the law and the Fifteenth Amendment: guaranteed voting rights for blacks. (We the People pg 157) But they were not the only people/groups to be inspired by the Civil Rights Movement seeking protections and equal treatment under the law. Some of the other groups were women rights, LGBT and Disabled were also inspired by the Civil Rights Movement.

Women back than were not allowed to vote or basically they did not have a voice. Also they were not allowed to work but be a house wife, work around the house and raise kids. So a lot of women were not happy with the way things were and wanted to make a change so they can be able to vote, work, and not be discriminated for being a women. Women got together and formed groups. Some of the women groups were, NOW, meaning National Organization for Women. Another group called WEAL meaning Women’s Equity Action League. They helped with legal action for many things and for gender discrimination.

Second group of people that were inspired by the civil rights were LGBTQ. As it states in the book that “LGBTQ movement has become one of the largest civil rights movement in contemporary America”. For so long any kind of sexual orientation other than heterosexuality was considered “deviant”.(We the People pg 186) It was considered unnatural. People of LGBTQ were scared to reveal how they feel and felt ashamed. They were badly treated for being in a relationship with someone of the same sex. They often were frowned upon as well.

Another group of people were Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It helped many Americans with jobs/employment, housing, and healthcare to those that have disabilities. The movement was one of the greatest success of all time in my opinion. People with disabilities don’t have to face discrimination among the work place and will be treated equally. They also had a great impact on the law and now businesses and public facilities have installed ramps, elevators, and other devices to meet the act;s requirements (We the people pg 185)

In conclusion i believe women rights are now considered equal and fair than it was back then. They can work, vote, and have equal opportunities. Also LGBTQ these days are more open about their sexuality and are given a chance to marry in some states. Lastly ADA was a very successful group and has a lot of help with the laws.

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