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There are very different views of what types of evidence are most
credible in evaluating the effectiveness of psychological treatment
research. In this discussion you will analyze basic applied
psychological research as well as evaluate how researchers applied a
research process in the development of specific components. To begin,
read the following articles (which can be accessed through the ProQuest
database in the University Library): 

  • “Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology: Implications for Research and Research Training”
  • “Practice-Based Evidence: Back to the Future”
  • “Psychological Treatments: Putting Evidence into Practice and Practice into Evidence”

After reading the articles listed above, select two of them.  Analyze
the basic applied research within each of your two selected articles by
answering the following questions:

  • What is the main point-of-view in each article? 
  • What are the primary assumptions each author makes?
  • Which author are you inclined to agree with?  Support your choice with scholarly reasoning and cite your evidence. 

You are required to include one peer-reviewed source that was published
within the last five years to support your perspective.  You may not use
any of the sources that were assigned for this course.  For assistance
finding articles view the “Searching for Articles” and the
“Peer-Reviewed Articles” tutorials which are available under Tutorials on the Getting Research Help tab at the top of the  University Library homepage.

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