Quantitative data & Piracy as an organizational Problem

Part 1.

Using this article http://home.business.utah.edu/actme/7410/Gopal%20Sanders%20ISR%201998.pdf In 250 words explain the problem statement of the study and provide us an overview of the research effort.  What kind of quantitative design is used and why it was chosen.  Finally, provide details on what type of analysis was performed.

Keep in mind

Document analysis: We analyze research articles in professional and peer reviewed publications to find data on our topic. We may also analyze documents that are in our organizations such as policies, process maps, training curricula, and procedures as examples.

Secondary analysis of data: We use data such as census data, industry data, survey data, competitor data, SWOT analysis data, or economic data as examples and do our own analysis to create findings specific to our problem.

For applied business research problems these two types of design are practical in that time and cost constraints are always an issue in an applied setting. And further, the sources of information from valid studies, from government records, and from our organizations are current and should be easily accessible. I look forward to reading your contributions. See you in the threads! 

Part 2

In this question you are the owner of a gaming and business software company that spent 28% of its resources last year fighting piracy through attorney fees. In the weeks to come you will be writing a research study.

Read the completed sections then Complete #2, #3, and #5 of this form making sure to follow the examples and instructions in the form (replace the text with your text)


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