Resilience: Interpersonal Conflict Submit Assignment

Even careers and relationships that fit us best come with conflict. Therefore, we will practice skills this week designed to get us what we want/need from others, preserve relationships on and off the job, maintain our self-respect, ask for favors, and say “no” to someone else’s request. (Easy for some people, hard for others.)

There are lots of steps in this assignment. Take a deep breath and read them a few times, or copy them over, or put them on sticky notes in order. Whatever helps!

To complete this assignment, you will fill in the worksheets (or type the pertinent info if you don’t have a scanner) and write a paragraph.

Here are the steps:

1. Think of a challenging interpersonal situation you’re having right now.

2. Looking at the attached, decide which goal is most important to you in this situation–obtaining your objective, preserving the relationship, or keeping your self-respect. No wrong answers here.

— If you chose “Getting What You Want,” read the DEAR MAN part and then complete the worksheet. Leave blank the GIVE and FAST parts of the worksheet.

— If you chose “Keeping or Improving Your Self-Respect,” read the FAST portion of the attached and complete the worksheet. Leave blank the DEAR MAN and GIVE portions of the worksheet

3. Scan your completed worksheet (or type the pertinent parts) and upload along with the paragraph, as described next.

4. Write a paragraph about the interaction that includes what steps you used for the worksheet and how it went. So for this section, you’ll have the scanned worksheet and a paragraph.

5. Finally, for the Dime Game worksheet, choose a different interpersonal issue: one where a) you really want to ask for something from someone or b) you really want to say “no” to someone’s request. (Being in a carpool, working Saturday, marrying your partner–the list is endless!) Tell me what the situation is, what you learned from the worksheet, and what you ultimately did.

6. Complete the Dime Game worksheet. Remember, you can increase the “money” value of any item that you find particularly important.

Note: “Wise Mind” refers to balancing rationality and emotion when approaching a problem.

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