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Please read the following excerpts from Miller and Benjamin, Economics of Macro Issues 5th ed. (attached):

•  Chapter 1. Rich Nation Poor Nation

•  Chapter 4. Poverty, Capitalism and Growth


Consider two countries, A and B, and suppose that both have identical physical  endowments
of, say, iron ore. But in country A, any profits that are made from
mining the ore are subject to confiscation by the government, while in
country B, there is no such risk. How does the risk of expropriation
affect the economic endowments of the two nations? In which nation are people richer, and why?

Question 2. (MB ch. 1)

light of your answer to question 1, how do you explain the fact that in
some countries there is widespread political support for government
policies that expropriate resources from some groups for the purpose of
handing them out to other groups?

Question 3. (MB ch. 4)

income measures discussed in this chapter do not include noncash
benefits that are often available to low income individuals, such as
food stamps and Medicaid. Do you think such noncash benefits are more
likely to be made available to poor people in a rich nation or in a poor
nation? Explain your answer. Then ask yourself, how will the difference
in noncash benefits in rich nations versus poor nations affect your
conclusions regarding relative incomes of poor individuals in capitalist
nations compared to noncapitalist nations? Explain this answer as well.

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