Self-Evaluation 8.1

My course is Ethics of Healthcare – Master of Health Administration.

Students will have the opportunity to share their views in theirone-page single-spaced self-evaluation (500 words minimum in length).The students’ self-evaluation should reflect their course participation on the Discussion Board, Media Gallery, and the Zoom Virtual Classroom. Note that Zoom Virtual Classroom is archived so that those who have missed the classes can watch the recording and submit their summaries to the Professor. Please provide a grade of 0-100% though your self-grade will not be the measure of how many points you will gain for this assignment.For those who did not participate in the Zoom Classes but failed to submit summaries for the missed classes, deductions will be made from here.

Please look at my classmate how he did his Self-Evaluation, for get idea, then do great job – please don’t copy or semmaler.

The Zoom Virtual Classroom and discussion board are best sources to share and learn about the course. I have learned about different topics of healthcare during the Zoom Virtual Classroom and discussion board. We are living in the 21st century which is an era of technology and everything as we know it has been linked to technology. In this era, decision making is fast and provides us with numerous options, but one thing that is at stake here is the ethics. In the field of healthcare, technology has brought a revolution and brought numerous options that has directed field of healthcare into a new era. In the field of healthcare, ethics has become a question that people don’t care about. I have learned about the ethics of healthcare through this course and I have shared my knowledge through discussion board and media gallery. This course has brought light to what ethics of this field are and what is the importance of ethics in healthcare.

We have studied several aspects of healthcare that has raised issues and among them was the case in which we talked about technology and how it has affected healthcare. Innovation can build the estimation of our lives especially if we take care to use it precisely. I believe that as innovation use continuously finds its way into talks about men and women fundamental care. Many times I have contacted the instructor for queries and discussion. I as an individual am the awesome fanatic of innovation as it has enabled people in more routes than we to can even envision everything yet has a cutoff and for this situation of innovation. I believe that we have to hone social insurance in breaking points of human services and limit individuals from utilizing the innovation for dishonest purposes. We have discussed about available technologies but using the technology in all those regards is not ethical. I know that cloning is part of the technology that is declared as the illegal aspect of the usage of technology but I was shocked to learn about people killing their unborn child just because the baby is having mental or health issues. The case we have read about the issue has made me to research on the issue and it was not only emotional but highly shocking for me as I believe this is not only unethical but a crime in this field. One of the lines we have read during this course was crux of understanding the scenario. It said that just because we can develop technology doesn’t mean we have to use it in all regards. I believe we need to keep ethics first before using any technology because ethics and morality are what makes us humans.

Elderly patients are what I believe are the patients that aren’t taken seriously and there are many ethical issues involved when it comes to their healthcare. We have read in great detail about the ethical issues elderly patients have to go through and how they can be solved. It was important to me because I have never given a thought about the issues of healthcare for our elderly people and always relied on system to take the best care about them but this course has shed light on such issues and raised awareness.

In this course, I have learned about morals of social insurance and the space of open and private social insurance through discussion boards and the Zoom virtual classrooms Throughout this course not only the class helped me, but the discussion and the media board helped to understand this important issue. We have discussed that masses prosperity isn’t just the general quality of a people yet moreover fuses the dispersal of prosperity. It was one of the most important and interesting course I have ever read in my life. I have taken parts in discussion boards to help increase my knowledge and I will give myself 70 from 100 %.

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