Short Story Essay

Short Story Dracula’s Guest by Bram Stoker

Literary device – Characterization–the revelation of
character through techniques such as physical description, action, dialogue,
interaction with other characters, and the depiction of thought, emotion and

Write an essay of 750-1000 words on the use of a single literary device (from the list of terms in the Learning Activities folder) used within one of the short stories you read for this lesson. Be sure to:

  • Include an alphanumeric outline.
  • Use MLA format.
  • Include a Works Cited page.
  • Create the essay with the understanding that this is not a book report. Don’t summarize the story, as that is only appropriate for a sentence or two in the introduction. Tell me how a literary device was used in the story.
  • Cite examples from the story in support of your argument using proper MLA format (quotations for direct citations, as well as parenthetical references for both these and paraphrases)..

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