Sociology Visual Narrative – Part B

Part B: Visual Narrative (100 points)

The purpose of Part B is to visually illustrate what this social problem looks like. These should be informed by your academic research. There are two options for Part B. First, you can go out and take pictures that represent your social problem yourself. Second, you can use the internet to find pictures that illustrate your topic. For either option, you need to provide a minimum of 5 pictures. You will create a PowerPoint or MS Word document with all 5 of these images, along with a description of each image. Your description should be 1 paragraph per image. Each paragraph should a) describe the image and b) directly address how it illustrates the social problem. You will also need to include a short (200-250 word) reflection on your experience. This should be imbedded in your MS Word Document or PowerPoint file. You will turn in only one file with all of the required components.


  • 5 images that illustrate your social problem.
  • 1 paragraph per image describing the image and how it illustrates your social problem
  • 1 reflection on your experience (200-250 words)

Your reflection should address the following questions:

  • What did you learn from this process?
  • What role did your academic research play in how you framed your visual narrative?
  • Was it difficult or easy to illustrate your social problem?

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