Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc., discussion help

Read Fujitsu Limited’s 2004 article, “Sony Marketing
(Japan) Inc.
  and Read Hitachi Consulting’s
2009 article, “
Six Key Trends
Changing Supply Chain Management Today

Original work in own word if possible.  .  This is an discussion which will be coming
from the above websites, and reading all chapter to include, chapter 7, “Demand
forecasting in a Supply Chain,” Chapter 8, “Aggregate Planning in a Supply Chain, Chapter
9, “Sales and Operations Planning, and Chapter 10, “Coordination in a Supply
Chain” then review the case study on video “Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.,” and
Six key Trends Changing Supply Chain Management Today. May sure reference and
citations are include
if used author
words in any forms.

  • After reading Chapter 7 on Demand Forecasting in a Supply Chain
    and reviewing the case study, Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc., discuss your views
    on the role that demand forecasting plays in Sony’s supply chain strategy. Tell
    us the factors that make a demand forecasting strategy necessary, and how Sony
    is able to be more responsive to its customers due to this SCM strategy.

  • After reading the Hitachi Consulting White Paper titled, Six Key
    Trends Changing Supply Chain Management Today, from your perspective choose the
    two most important trends from the list of six; explain each trend and why you
    feel it has the most impact on supply chain management today. Be sure to include a real life example of a
    company that has been impacted by each of the two trends that you have selected

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