Stakeholder Table Prioritization and Relationships

Instructions for Case Analysis Part I:Stakeholder Table, Prioritization, and Relationships:

Click on the links to read the article and watch a short video about Google’s ‘Project Nightingale.’

Conduct your own outside research to learn more about the moral implications of Google’s ‘Project Nightingale’ to gain an understanding of Google’s data collection practices, their rationale for them, and the impact they’re having (or could have) on stakeholder groups.

You will have a difficult time completing this assignment if you only read this one article and don’t learn more about what’s currently happening.The more research you do now, the easier it will be to identify stakeholders, because you will know who is involved and what’s at stake.Also, you’ll need to critically analyze the case and make informed decisions in your next assignment to receive high grades.

For the sake of this case analysis, assume you are David Feinberg, MD, the head of Google Health.He is the primary decision maker and you will put yourself in his shoes as you make decisions.

For the first half of this case analysis, complete all sections in this document – stakeholder identification, stakeholder prioritization, and stakeholder relationships – in order.

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