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are many databases available through the library and unless you use them you
will not become familiar with what is available. Often you will find access to
information you did not know was available while you are looking for

the databases available is one that provides stock reports for individual
firms. View the example stock report Preview the document View in a new window
(the firm used as the example cannot be
used as your firm
). Select a firm in the aviation/ aerospace industry and
post the stock report on the discussion board. Provide a three to four sentence
summary of the recommendation made on the stock (i.e. Buy/Sell/Hold and the
major reasons why). After your short summary (in the same post), post the
current stock price and the 12-month target stock price.
This is a first come
first served discussion meaning if someone posts about their selected firm
first they get to post it and you will need to select a new firm.

Stock Report

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