Sustainability Report

Using the Scale and Sustainability Score Sheet which is attached below, create a report that includes the following components:

1. You readiness

2. Program/practices for scale and sustainability

3. Non-negotiable elements of the program/practics

4. Scale and sustainability scores

5. The development of scale and sustainability strategies for the change strategy

Report should include the following:

Introduction: Include an introduction to the purpose and context of your report.

Part 1:  Assess your readiness to plan and
implement scale and sustainability.  In this section of your paper,
discuss your ability to identify core program elements and make choices to
determine the most effective or high priority components to be scaled and sustained. 

Part 2: Describe the program
or practice resulting from your change strategy that you would like to scale
and sustain.  Explain what it is and why it is important.  Explain
how you know it is a high quality program and valued by stakeholders.  What
results do you anticipate?

Part 3:  Discuss the nonnegotiable
elements of the program or practice being considered.

Part 4:  Score yourself on the scale
score sheet (you do not need to include the actual score sheet) and report your
results. Discuss several areas of 
strength and need based on your results.

Part 5:  Score yourself on the
sustainability score sheet (you do not need to include the actual score sheet)
and report your results. Discuss several areas of strength and need based on
your results.

Part 6:  Based on your areas of
need as determined in Steps Four and Five, generate effective strategies for
scaling and sustaining the program or practice of the change strategy. 
Discuss what needs to be planned and implemented for successful scale and
sustainability.  Please be sure to use research-based practices (as
discussed in the text and readings) in your plan.

Conclusion:  Reflect on your
growth and development as a change agent throughout the course.  How can
your new skills and knowledge benefit a school or organization?  What
areas of leadership would you like to learn about to continuously improve your
abilities to be a change agent?  

The Final Project should be four- to six pages
and should be written in APA format, including a Title and Reference
page.  Please use at least two sources outside of the text to support your
evidence and plans.  Please use APA format for all formatting, citations,
and references,

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