Take Test: Romantic Activity – FRANKENSTEIN MATCHING

Which Romantic characteristics are exemplified in the following scenes from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein :

note – Select ONE answer/characteristic for each detail or plot element provided.

Victor, driven by emotions of despair and his fury, climbs the frozen glacier or ‘ice mountain’ to face the monster he has created. He knows the monster has killed others, including his brother and Justine, and that physically he is no match for the monster.

The ship is trapped in the ice while sailors fall to their death in the frozen sea.

Victor refuses to behave rationally and leave his laboratory and work in the university town of Ingolstadt, even though a cholera epidemic is raging in the streets all around him.

Victor digs up corpses and is determined to complete his master-creation, even though it is against the laws of men and religion.

Young Victor is doted upon by his mother and father, who tell him how wonderful and special he is the extent that the maid fears Victor will be spoiled.

Victor creates a macabre monster from the dead body parts of criminals and diseased persons.

Victor always puts his intellect and the passions of his brilliant mind first – even to the point of destroying those he loves. Those he loves put him and his genius first as well, even though it leads to their ultimate destruction.

The monster/creature created by Victor learns about friendship and compassion from a poor family living in the forest.

On a howling, rainy night, a bolt of lightening strikes a tree and splits it in half symbolizing the uncontrollable natural process of giving birth that kills Victor’s mother.

A mob violently kills Justine by hanging, even though she has not been guilty of the crime of killing Willy. Their rage and desire for revenge outweighs their ability to think clearly and weigh the evidence.


emotion over reason


predilection for the occult, the monstrous, the diseased, the satanic


privileges peasants and peasant life


privileging of the genius, the hero, the exceptional figure


deepened appreciation of a wild, uncontrollable nature


the senses over intellect


artist’s creative spirit over formal rules and traditional procedures


ANTI = reason, rationality & intellect


privileges children and childhood

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