The Constitution and the amendments/clauses that effect business, assignment help

Provide responses of 500-750 words for the whole assignment and question #4 for should have at least 200 of the complete word count. Complete section. Requirements: Case Summary please provide a brief of the case. The brief should list the important facts of the case, and what you consider to be the issue of the case. Write down any lower court decisions that may have occurred. Also, write down the reasoning and conclusion. The case brief serves as your own personal notes summarizing the case. The brief demonstrates your initial understanding of the case. Case Analysis. Your case analysis will be accomplished by answering questions in each section. There is no word count requirement for the answers to the case analysis. However, it is extremely important to exhibit clear understanding and analysis of the concepts covered in the case and unit. You can use appropriate citations to the case and any materials in your textbook. Remember, this section is more than just a summary. You need to analyze the issues in each question rather than just summarizing or reporting. Executive Decision should be at least 200 words. Make sure to genuinely explore how you would handle these situations if you were an executive for a particular business. Apply business and legal concepts that you have learned from your reading to each case.

Copying and pasting blocks of text will not earn academic credit. No more than ten percent (10%) of your written work can be directly quoted from the source

Case Summary

1. Brief the case.

Case Analysis

2. Discuss the legal reasoning that led the trial court to convict Mr. Park. What logic and legal principles were used?

3. What was the logic that the appeals court used to reach the conclusion that the conviction was in error?

Executive Decision

4. Assume that you are the legal director for Acme and the CEO has asked you to formulate a policy to avoid a repeat of the situation?

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