The Subjection of Women, English homework help

Discussing “The Subjection of Women.” This discussion requires three posts using the options below.

Options for Posts

How to Post



Option 1: Topic Starter

Click “Create Thread” in discussion board.

Read the discussion prompts carefully and provide a response to one of the questions. Be sure your response answers the entire prompt, in detail, and be sure that you have proofread carefully.  Provide textual support.

You can submit one topic starter per discussion.

Option 2: Challenge

Read a classmate’s post, and click “Reply.”

Respectfully challenge a classmate’s response. Explain your disagreement in detail and provide textual support.


Option 3: Agree and Add New

Read a classmate’s post, and click “Reply.”

Agree with a classmate’s post. Explain why, in detail, and add new information or evidence.  Provide textual support.


  • Do not plagiarize. Use only your own words and ideas to analyze the texts. The only sources you should use are the works of literature themselves.

  • Use MLA format for citations.

  • Proofread your posts.

  • You will be posting 3 times. Your first post will be one of the options above; your second and third posts will respond to a classmate’s post using Options 2 and/or 3. You must write substantive response posts.  This means you have to do more than say you agree, disagree, or compliment what your classmates have said.

  • You must submit your own Option 1 before seeing your classmates’ submissions.
  • Make sure to specify which topic you are responding to if you choose Option 1.
  • Review the grading rubric that will be used.

Discussion for “The Subjection of Women”:

Mill claims that most men want “not a forces slave but a willing one . . . . they have therefore put everything in practice to enslave [women’s] minds.”  In Mill’s view, how are women’s minds enslaved? Provide specific examples from the text to support your response.

For this discussion you must submit an Option 1 before responding to your classmates.

Grading Information

This is the link for the book and video that you have to watch

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