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revised – Conventional wisdom has it that people believe that words have a sense of importance because of how they words can influence one another, but the power of such words can be also reported as dangerous. Vaclav Havel insists that words have the power of being lethal arrows as I have stated beforehand in which such power can also turn out to be dangerous depending on the words a person says. Havel states that,” Words that electrify society with their freedom and truthfulness are matched by words that mesmerize, deceive, inflame, madden, beguile, words that are so harmful (lethal).” Havel believes that words can symbolize freedom but are sometimes matched with words that can deceive. Havel has a bunch of resources that explains how words are so powerful and dangerous. Havel uses evidence within history where he says that people could go to jail because of words, words they believed in but did not seem to be encouraged by the public but rather intimidating by their surroundings resulting them to be thrown in jail, He conveys this to discuss how words can be dangerous not only today but in history as well.

If you want you can add to this with this article (http://www.nybooks.com/articles/1990/01/18/words-o…) and i can give you five stars but you would have to add a page or whatever you would feel comfortable with. Then i can give you five stars…… ( remember its a “they say” paragraph) (can’t state your own opinion) Thank you

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