This assignment will consist of a worksheet (Word docx), which may be downloaded from this page. Research assignment.

This assignment will consist of a worksheet (Word docx), which may be downloaded from this page. The worksheet must be submitted via Canvas and in person (hard copy) to the professor on Dec 13. Both submissions are required and if you fail to do either one you will lose 20% toward your overall grade for the assignment.

Please attentively read the directions printed on the worksheet and complete each section as directed. The assignment itself will assess your ability to not only evaluate secondary and primary sources but also prepare a preliminary report regarding a specific topic. Specifically, it will assess your mastery of course SLO 2 and 3. Again, this assignment has very specific instructions that must be completed as directed in order to properly complete the assignment. Your overall score will be negatively affected if you fail to properly follow the printed directions on the worksheet.

A hard copy of the first draft of the first section of the worksheet (Intro Section) will be due Oct 18. It will involve writing an introduction for your topic, which must include a proper thesis statement. Again, carefully follow the directions printed on the worksheet for the intro section. I highly suggest getting your topic approved by your instructor before completing the intro section. If you fail to turn in your first draft by the due date, then you will loss 25% of the total points possible for the introduction section.

This assignment is required, which means you will NOT earn a satisfactory grade for the course if you fail to turn in the assignment by the due date.

Here are three examples of past worksheets. There are some differences with the one you will be completing but these have good thesis

statements and they mostly provide an adequate amount of detail :

Here is the link to the research assignment worksheet (Word file). Please read and study it carefully. Let me know if you have any questions:

Topic I chose is Bacon’s Rebellion!! Please read the worksheet carefully and follow all directions on it.

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