Transaction cycle methodology

Transaction Cycles

Areas of Concern

The procurement and payment cycle

There were 4,000 purchase orders that
totaled $55 M for raw material. There is concern that not all purchases were
completed using formal purchase orders, receipts did not match payment
authorizations, and purchase orders were missing.

Also must
discuss the following:

the appropriate methodology for designing tests of controls and substantive
tests of transactions in full details explanation with good example

Need at
least one scholar references and have APA format for citations in the paper.
For this transcaction cycle need to address the following in details ( 1 page)

preparation for the year-end audit at Bovar Company, your team will create a
presentation to management for its approval. Complete the following:

 should present the methodology that he or she
developed for his or her transaction cycle to the group, which should address
the aforementioned control issues. And  how to address the identified control issues.

On the
above transaction should provide 2 slides regarding the methodology for above transaction
cycles for the f,ollowing:

o  Designing tests of controls

o  Designing substantive tests of

2 slides and speaker need to be included with proper citation. The speaker
notes must be 150 – 200 words.

DEADLINE:  Friday morning or sooner please.

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