unit 4 assignment

A POAM, or Plan of Action and Milestones, is another tool widely used in business and by Six Sigma teams. A POAM is like a Gantt chart but much easier to use. A POAM gives a quick review for any business or Six Sigma project. POAM’s also serve as a project dashboard, giving the “percentage complete” for the overall project, along with the status of each major action and milestone in the plan. Watch this quick 1-minute video about POAM (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

POA&M Example

An effective POAM includes the following information:

  • Project name
  • Project begin date
  • Implementation Comments (if any)
  • Project leader
  • Project status (e.g., percentage complete, number of items, number of items complete, number of items scheduled)
  • Summary of Implementation Costs (man-hours, dollars, material, capital, and total dollars)


First, download the POAM template linked here. You will use the template for this assignment.

Assume you are a member of a Six Sigma project team. You must develop a POAM for the team, stakeholders, and sponsor. The objective is to provide the decision makers a quick view of each completed and ongoing action items.

  • Use the same project topic that you used in the units 1-3 assignments.
  • Include at least 6 different action items.
  • Show 2 of these action items as completed.
  • Develop your own timeline, action items, start/finish dates, etc. for the POAM.

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