Unit 8: The Behavior Analyst and Research

each question needs to be answered independently and they only need to be at least 350 words 

question #1

For this discussion, provide a case study example to illustrate an ethical dilemma where one of the following issues is of concern: informed consent, deception, extra credit, paying participants, informing of withdrawal. Make sure to describe how you would resolve this ethical dilemma as per the BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct.


Review the Kaplan IRB materials in the Kaplan Writing Center. Go to the IRB Tip Sheet – IRB Summary of Current Rules and then check the Current Rules section. Also review the IRB Tip Sheet – Exemption Category Definitions and Examples.

Discuss the different types of ‘exempt’ status research studies.  Provide an example of a hypothetical research study within your area of emphasis that fits into one of these exempt status categories. Why would this proposal be considered ‘exempt’? 

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