Visual Arts and Photography/Art

Visual Arts

Think back over all of the pictures of paintings and sculptures you have seen in our textbook during this quarter, and select five that you found to be especially interesting. How does each embody the aesthetic principles for visual art that we examined together in this unit? What feelings, thoughts, and motives do your perceptions elicit in each instance?

In your initial post, explain what is best about each of your selections and how each challenges your understanding of the world and of yourself.

Photography and Art

The invention of photography during the 19th century—and its further development in the 20th, with the additional capacity for color and motion—made it possible to capture accurate two-dimensional images directly, without the talents of artists and painters. And yet the visual arts continued to thrive.

Which elements of the painterly traditions transferred easily into the composition of photographs and which did not? How might the availability of photography have contributed to changes in the style employed by painters during this period?

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