Visual design and writing

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8.5 x 11 tall or wide. Submit as pdf format.

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Each assignment should have the course cover page, which includes:

[your name]

RPW 300-92


This is part one of a two part grade (Billboard): 
next week is part two: Proposal Billboard

Part One: Visual Elements (50 points)

The visual elements assignment is a means for you to practice what you have learned and utilize the design principles discussed in chapters 1 through 6 from The Non-Designer’s Design Book (NDDB).

Use the text listed (words and sentences) to establish visual elements that represent the design principles. No images are required, but may be included if you think they are appropriate.

If items are related to each other, group them into closer proximity. Separate items that are not directly related to each other . Vary the space between to indicate the closeness or the importance of the relationship. Besides creating a nicer look to the page, it also communicates more clearly.

Be conscious about every element you place on the page. To keep the entire page unified, align every object with an edge of some other object. If your alignments are strong, then you can choose to break an alignment occasionally and it won’t look like a mistake.

Repetition is a stronger form of being consistent. Look at the elements you already repeat (bullets, typefaces, lines, colors, etc.); see if it might be appropriate to make one of these elements stronger and use it as a repetitive element. Repetition also helps strengthen the reader’s sense of recognition of the entity represented by design.

Contrast helps to attract the eye. You add contrast in many ways – rules (lines), typefaces, colors, spacial relationships, directions, etc.

(image provided as an example in the bottom)

Your finished document will include the words:

Be there or be square

Snacks will be served

Guest speakers

Working together

Meet in the Green Room

In collaboration with

Required of all employees

9:30 – Noon

Human Resources Department

Diversity Enhancement Training

Department of Education

Friday, January 31st

Page 3

Describe how you have utilized the design principles: contrast, repetition alignment, and proximity.

Discuss your thoughts on how you have given consideration to audience, purpose, and context (circumstances) within this document.

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