W1 paper

written response must follow APA format.

Part 1

Origins of Personnel Psychology (minimum 2 pages)

  • Describe at least two historical events and/or practical reasons the core areas constituting personnel psychology (i.e., selection, job placement, training and development, and performance appraisal) emerged.
  • Discuss how those same areas are still pertinent today as they were then using examples as illustrations.

Part 2

The Changing Nature of Work and Personnel Psychology (minimum 2 pages)

  • Briefly explain two influences that changed the nature of work.
  • Explain how the changing nature of work requires new demands for research in personnel psychology.
  • Explain one way that the changing nature of work might impact you as a potential personnel consultant.


Provide a citation for each resource you used to write your response to this Assessment. The following citation has been provided as an example:

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