War and Conflict Poem

Write your own poem about war and conflict.
This can reflect on current global conflicts or look back on historical wars
like the ones discussed in this unit. Use the following parameters:

Your poem should be a minimum of 6 lines and a
maximum of 12 lines.

You need to include at least two of the literary devices we studied
last semester:






Use specific word choice to help ensure that
your reader will be able to determine whether you intend to horrify him or glorify

Please refrain from making inappropriate
comments about any one person or group; this is not a forum for “pro-“ or “anti-“
arguments but rather to consider how poetry can be used as a form of social
commentary for war itself.

Then, in a short paragraph of at least six to eight complete, grammatically correct
sentences, explain what you did to make sure that your position on war would
come through clearly.

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