WD Ch 3 : Newsletter and Research Paper

GO16_WD_CH03_GRADER_3G_HW – Newsletter and Research Paper 1.3

Project Description:

In the following project, you will format a newsletter by inserting pictures and screenshots, applying two-column formatting, and adding a border to a paragraph. You will edit and format a research paper by inserting footnotes, creating citations, and formatting a bibliography.

Steps to Perform:



Points Possible


Start Word. Download and open the file named go16_wd_ch03_grader_3g_hw.docx.



On Page 1, click at the beginning of the newsletter title. Search Online Pictures using the search word microscope and then insert an appropriate image from the results. Change the height to .7″. Recolor the picture by applying Blue, Accent color 1 Light. Apply a Black, Text 1 Picture Border and change the Weight to 2 1/4 pt.

Note, Mac users, search for an image in a web browser, and then download and insert a relevant image from the results.



Change the Text Wrapping of the inserted image to Square. Change the Horizontal Alignment to Left relative to Margin and the Vertical Alignment to Top relative to Margin.



Starting with the paragraph New Research on Electronic Health Records, select all of the text from that point to the end of the page—do not include the Section Break in your selection. Format the text in two columns, and then apply Justify alignment. Insert a Column break before the subheading Health Information Privacy. Save your file.



Start your web browser, and then navigate to www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health. In your go16_wd_ch03_grader_3g_hw.docx file, click at the end of the paragraph below the New Research on Electronic Health Records subheading. Insert a screenshot of the website. Apply a Black, Text 1 Picture Border and change the Weight to 1 pt.



Select the subheading New Research on Electronic Health Records. Use the Font dialog box to apply Bold and Small Caps, and to change the font color to Dark Blue, Text 2. Apply the same formatting to the subheadings Doctors Define Meaningful Use, Health Information Privacy and Security and Research Sources Aid in EHR Implementation. Select the Doctors Define Meaningful Use subheading and then change the Spacing Before to 18 pt.



Select the last paragraph in the newsletter—the text in bold italic that, begins Ensuring the privacy, and then apply a 1 pt Shadow border using Black, Text 1. Shade the paragraph using the Fill color Dark Blue, Text 2, Lighter 80%. Center the paragraph text.



On Page 2, below the newsletter, change the line spacing for all of the text on the page to 2.0. For the same text, change the spacing after to 0 pt.



On Page 2, apply a first line indent of 0.5 inches to the paragraph that begins There is often a discrepancy.



At the bottom of the page, in the next to last line of text, after the period at the end of the sentence that ends if they had it, insert the footnote The EMR (electronic medical record) is the patient record created in hospitals and ambulatory environments; it serves as a data source for other systems. Be sure to type the period at the end of the footnote.



Modify the Footnote Text style to set the Font Size to 11 and the format of the Footnote Text paragraph to include a first line indent of 0.5” and double spacing. Be sure to include the footnote number in the selection. (Hint: Right-click the selected footnote, and then from the shortcut menu, click Style.)



On Page 2, at the end of the paragraph that begins Those clinical practices, click to the left of the period, and then using MLA format, insert a citation for a Web site with the following information:

Author: Gabriel, Barbara A.
Name of Web Page: Do EMRS Make You a Better Doctor?
Year: 2008
Month: July
Day: 15
Year Accessed: 2016
Month Accessed: June
Day Accessed: 30
Medium: Web



On Page 3, at the end of the paragraph that begins Further research, click to the left of the period, and then using MLA format, insert a citation for a book with the following information:

Author: DeVore, Amy.
Title: The Electronic Health Record for the Physician’s Office, 1e
Year: 2010
City: Maryland Heights
Publisher: Saunders
Medium: Print



Edit the DeVore citation to include 253 as the page number.



On the last line of the document, insert a MLA style bibliography.



Save and close the go16_wd_ch03_grader_3g_hw.docx file .Close Word. Submit the go16_wd_ch03_grader_3g_hw.docx file as directed.


Total Points


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