Week 3 Assignment 5

Discover their communication style, then practice using assertive communication, which is the most effective of the different communication styles.

  1. Each of us communicates differently, but our messages can be categorized into three different styles, passive, assertive, or aggressive. This assignment helps students understand the differences between each and provides practice using the most effective style, assertive communication. To complete this assignment, follow the steps below. Use the Assertive Communication Worksheet for guidance. 
    • First, open the communication style assessment and complete it. This will determine whether your communication style is passive, assertive, or aggressive. Record your results in the Assertive Communication Worksheet.
    • When finished, read the following article for a breakdown of each style:http://www.getselfhelp.co.uk/communication.htm,  (Links to an external site.)then reference the following website for more information about differentiating between aggressive and assertive messages:http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/Assertiveness.htm (Links to an external site.).
    • Once you complete the reading, create three different messages, each of which will address the same scenario. The first message should be written in the passive communication style, the second should be the aggressive style, and the third should be assertive. In addition, the third should conform to the 7C’s of effective communication from the first assignment.
    • Finally, write a one-paragraph explanation of how assertive communication will help you manage your school experience. Open the attached worksheet for detailed instructions.

Assertive Communication WorksheetPreview the documentView in a new window

Communication Style Quiz (Links to an external site.)

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