Which social institution is best for genocide remembrance

Questions for Consideration and Topic Exploration: In class we have spoken about social institutions (family, education, economy, religion, etc…). Keeping these in mind, write a paper that states your positionin regards to which of these institutions is most responsible and/or effective at helping the remembrance of genocide. As a position paper, the sole purpose of the paper is for you to provide your audience with your argument while also addressing the opposing side. Your paper should be grounded in the theoretical framework of Structural Functionalism.

A few questions to keep in mind when writing your paper could include: Why is the institution of ______ best suited for helping the retention of memory? How? (Keep in mind both the latent and manifest functions of the institutions) Why are other institutions not as effective? You mustprovide specific examples as to how these institutions are used in post-genocidal states and their role in society (for this, you will need to do outside research!). The focus of this paper is the institution, not the genocide, so do not focus heavily on the history of the conflict.

APA Format. Times New Roman, 12pt Font. At least three (3) academic (peer-reviewed) sources needed.

Title page, abstract page, and references are required and DO NOT count towards the page count. No first-person writing allowed.

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