work needing assistance with Quantitative Tec

Complete each assessment using one of the two text
softwares; either QM for Windows or Excel QM OR Microsoft Office Excel. And,
also, write an explanation narrative (see details below).

Shows all work including model formulation and all
applicable tables and graphs.

Submission is well formatted enabling ease of viewing.

Completes full problem. Submission is submitted as per the
required day/date.

In a seperate document (such as WORD), provides narrative
explaining model formulation and solution. The narrative is to include an
explanation of the model’s components and the rational behind those components.
Additionally, it includes the solution and its impact. For the first
assessment, for example, the narrative would explain why certain forecast
models were selected and, as well, if used, the time periods, smoothing
constant and/or weights. It would also provide the solution and what the
solution means to the decision and its impact on the organization. Moreover,
think of it this way, if you were the decision making manager dependent of the
analysis from an analyst employee in making your decision, what would you want
to know from that analyst employee?

Chapter 12 Mountain States Electrical Service Case page 593.doc 

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