Write 3 discussion post about the topics below. 130 words each post. It’s easy.

What is the Open Discussion Thread on Social Distancing and Self-Quarantine Practices?

What have been your experiences in this time when you are being encouraged to practice social distancing (keeping a minimum of 6 feet distance between other people in public places) and self-quarantine practices at home? How has it affected your daily life?

The Open Discussion Thread is a dedicated space for you to talk with other Media 1 students on anything related to social distancing and self-quarantine practices at home in light of COVID-19.

Is participation in the Open Discussion Thread required?

You are required to participate in the Open Discussion Thread if you want to earn the total points for the assignment (30 points).

What do I have to do to earn all possible points for participating in the Open Discussion Thread?

To earn the 30 total points for participation in the Open Discussion Thread, you must do the following:

  • Submit THREE posts to the Open Discussion Thread – this can be posts you create yourself, replies to another classmate’s posts, or a combination of both
  • The three posts must exclusively be focused on social distancing and self-quarantine practices in light of developments with COVID-19.
  • The three posts must be typed in complete sentences
  • The three posts must be proofread for spelling and grammatical errors
  • All posts to this Open Discussion Thread must follow the Netiquette for Discussion Threads – this is important. I will be actively monitoring this thread to make sure it is in compliance with the Netiquette policy for Discussion Threads. Defamatory or inappropriate remarks or comments in any Discussion Thread post will be archived and deleted, and result in the forfeiture of all possible points for the assignment (in other words, you will earn 0 points). Consider this a first and final warning.

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