Write a review of a Play. 2 pages.

Write a review of a Play. It must be a live theatre in Houston production that you viewed within the semester(09/01/18-12/03/18).

Introduction: Set up why you saw it. For example: I heard about this musical called Cabaret at Theatre Under the Stars. I like musicals, so I called them up and got tickets and dragged my boyfriend to the theatre to watch the play. Make sure you mention the Theatre AND the title of the play in the introduction.

Body – Give a BRIEF summary of the play. This should be no more than a good sized paragraph. Major points off for making your entire paper a summary of the play.

Body 2 – Then tell me what you thought. Did you like or not like the acting, sound design, lighting set, music, etc? What specifically did you like or dislike and why?

Conclusion – Explain whether you would recommend this to other people. If so, which people would enjoy it or need to avoid it?

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