Write an essay about why are so few women becoming scientists and engineers?

“Women have made tremendous progress in education and the workplace during the past 50 years. Although in some areas such as business, law, and medicine, women have made impressive gains, why are so few women becoming scientists and engineers? There are many factors that you can discuss. Below you will find some example subjects to discuss:

You can analyze the effects of social norm and legal system. Which kind of science jobs are women more likely to be found in? What can be said about women’s academic achievement in science & engineering? How do women in science compare to men in terms of salary & compensation,…? How does the status of women in science differ from culture to culture? What strategies do you recommend that can improve women’s prospect in work environment or open a path for future opportunities in your selected field of interest.

1.Your report should be neat, free of grammatical errors and easy to follow.

2.Your paper should be 8-9 pages long, double- spaced using Time New Romans font and size 12. Works cited page/ bibliography included, Cover page not included.

3. You can use course readings/Power point slides.

4.You must reference at least six resources.

5. Adding statistical information may help in supporting your argument.

6. Your header should include the title and author at top of the first page.

7. Your paper should include an introduction and have an end with conclusion section.

8. Appropriate figures and tables could be included.

9.Submit your paper in MS Word, or PDF only.

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