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Choice of five articles and write a summary of each article.

I want simple words international .


Aina, O. E., & Cameron, P. A. (2011). Why does gender
matter? Counteracting stereotypes with young children. Dimensions of Early
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Journal of Early Childhood42
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development: The importance of early childhood. In R. P. R.E. Tremblay, Encyclopedia
on aarly childhood development.

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(2013). Trajectories of resilience during dyadic task performance among
children six to seven years of age . European Early Childhood Education
Research Journal
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I am safe and secure: Promoting resilience in young children. Young
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young children – Teaching kids to “Bounce Back”. Dimensions of Early
, 35-39.

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resiliency in school settings: The resiliency scales for children and
adolescents. Journal of Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools,

Prince-Embury, S., & Saklofske, D. H. (2014). Resilience
interventions for youth in diverse populations.
New York: Springer New

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