Writhing project7 : development of email for quote approval

åADV 225 –– Fall 2018



  • Due 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 30


Please review your video lecture and, as you have been doing all semester, you will apply the AWE (assess, write, edit) method.

You — in the role of Leslie Knope — will be developing an email to send to the mayor of Traverse City. He has told you that City Commissioner Edna Krabappel needs to have a quote in this Iron Cross release, and has asked you to develop the quote and then send it to him; he will be seeing her and can get you approval for the quote.

  • You are sending the email as if you were Leslie Knope.
  • What would the email subject line be?
  • What would your salutation be?
  • What would you say in the first paragraph of the email?
  • The second paragraph should be the quote.
  • The third paragraph should be a call to action: What do you need from the mayor? Hint: You need the mayor to let you know if it is approved the way you wrote it, or if there are revisions.
  • Finally, how would you end the email?

Include on your document:

  • Your name
  • Your PID
  • The text of the email

Submit your quote via D2L.

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