Zenzele: A Letter for My Daughter, history homework help

I have this assignment below finished but I just need to fix the essay my teacher says it needs more structure. please help me fix. thanks

an initial outline of your final assessment paper. The paper topic is
given in the Final Assessment Module. Be sure that the outline
sufficiently addresses the scope of the paper.

outline should be a one- to two-page sentence outline, typed
double-space. Provide an introduction that states the main idea of the
paper and a conclusion that restates and supports the main idea of the
paper. You are expected to list sources you intend to use in the
preparation of your paper.

Because you have not yet completed your study of Zenzele: A Letter for My Daughter,
the last required book in the course, we suggest that you skim the
material on that book in the study guide so that you can estimate how it
will fit into your paper. For this reason and because this is a
preliminary outline, it can change. If you decide to make significant
changes after you submit the outline, you should relay them to your

the outline in your own words. When it is appropriate to use quotations
or paraphrase from your text materials or other sources, be sure to
cite your sources properly by giving page numbers in parentheses or
using footnotes or endnotes.

you have completed the assignment, proofread it for correct grammar,
spelling, and punctuation.

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